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Our Teachers Have Awesome Blogs

Four Pounds Flour - by Sarah, who taught a wicked class on Historic Gastronomy

Borough Bees - by Tim, dare I say this is the best beekeeping blog in the city?

Make Something Happen - by Rachel, who is teaching ethnographic research methods this June

KEEPS - by Peter, who taught us all how to make our own banh mi, though his blog is about all sorts of interesting stuff

The Paper Collective - just launched! Super fun crowdsourced art projects in...

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We (finally) made a tumblr

And if we're being totally honest, it'll probably get updated way more than this blog, so if you like tumbling, follow us over there.

We want it to be really collaborative, with all kinds of contributions from you--things you've made, fun and weird places around the city, favorite recipes, upcoming events--whatever it is that other people who like learning stuff would be interested in. You can submit posts here or even ask us questions (like...

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All Sorts of Updates

Hey everyone!

First and most importantly, we're about to open a whole new round of classes next week - keep an eye out here and sign up for the mailing list to hear about 'em first!

If you're interested in the stuff we covered last semester, check out a few course wrap-ups on coffee and NYC history (part 1 and part 2).

What else? We're seriously hunting for a permanent space, spending half the day scrolling...

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