Shorthand: Not the Opposite of Longhand


Taught by Atom

Atom is a writer and overall writing enthusiast who is somewhat resistant to cold, likes timepieces, and is completely opposed to reading books on digital devices, but he doesn't judge people who read books on digital devices because that really makes a lot of sense.

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Shorthand is for those of you who want to write faster, eventually in a manner comparable to that of the Flash. You will also have the added benefit of your writing not being immediately (or at all) legible to that mouth-breather hovering over you on the subway. And it will definitely look pretty freaking swell, which is a great conversation piece when you jot something down on a napkin.

With those sweet benefits I outlined above, you might wonder why shorthand is so terribly hard to find. Good job finding it! The reason shorthand died out has to do with the rise of the personal computer in the workplace, or maybe the typewriter. Maybe it was something else entirely...

But whatever the reason, that reason is bullsh*t.

Sign up for this class to bang out grocery lists like lightning, cleverly disguising to prying, judgmental eyes, the great but potentially embarrassing items like, "frozen dinners" and "All the chips (all of them...)" by making them look like doodles. 

We will be using a variation of an earlier system of shorthand (forget Pitman, we're going way, way back) developed by Thomas Shelton in the 1600s that is known for being easy to learn, and awesome. If you are so inclined, we could believe Wikipedia's claim that Sir Isaac Newton used it to write his own notes (and maybe grocery lists).

I will guide you through this kindly and without the usage of homework, but you won't write like Barry Allen without a little practice here and there! Come with a writing instrument and something to write on, and be prepared to think on the fly!


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