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We Do The Hard Work: All You Want For Christmas

Posted by 81b202da tiny Brooklyn Brainery on nov 22, 2010 under Blog Post

Every year you hit the same problem: what to buy absolutely anyone for Christmas. Video games, perfumes, books - it's all the same to you. You don't know a lick about their newfangled PS 360's, find vanilla undertones and vanilla wafers indistinguishable, and you're fairly certain a Bernard Shaw is a sandwich at Dean & Deluca. Don't think you're doomed to a department store sweater, though, we have the answer:

All You Want For Christmas, your personal Santa Claus de Bergerac.

Let Brooklyn Brainery do the work for you! AYWFC takes your tired, poor, huddled ideas and figures out something your giftee will actually appreciate. Drop us an email at or fill out this form, giving us all the details about the person you're supposed to buy for, and we'll tell you just what you should buy them. Take a peek at this page to see what kind of stuff helps us out in our gift-planning journey.

We've been hosting classes on completely random topics for almost a year now, it's time to put that knowledge to use!

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