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Class Recap

Things We Learned This Week

Our latest semester started Monday, with five classes on five wildly different topics. Here's a couple of my favorite facts from each:

NYC History - I spent the entire weekend reading Forgotten New York and memorizing exceedingly arbitrary things about Brooklyn's streets and neighborhoods.

Want some facts? Before Brooklyn was King's County, it was six separate towns; one of them, New Utrecht, was founded by a pirate and his "somtimes...

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July Classes Open for Registration!

Next semester starts July 19th, and we've got a whole slew of new two and four week courses coming up!

In American Sign Language we'll learn how to sign - including social conversations, finger spelling and even a bunch of NYC-centric things. After this class you'll finally be able to stop saying sign language is one of those things you wish you had learned in college.

Everyone wears jeans, so you might...

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