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New York City Cemetery Wrap Up: Part Three

And finally, part three of our brief tour of New York City's cemeteries. Part one, and part two. Thanks to Allison for putting together the most thorough class wrap up ever seen around these parts!

City Cemeteries

City or town cemeteries were established on the outskirts of development, but they have since been devoured by New York’s sprawl. One that still exists is the Friends Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park, which was originally...

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Class Recap

Forgotten New York City Cemeteries

I've been remiss in posting Allison's awesomely thorough wrap up from her class on New York City Cemeteries. Here's the first part, with many more to follow. Enjoy, and don't forget to check out her slideshow of some of the spots mentioned: 


From Allison:

Forgotten Cemeteries and Potter’s Fields

In addition to the obvious necropoleis in the five boroughs, there...

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What's happening this week: September 6-8

This week is busy busy, with 7 new classes in 3 days. I'm not sure what we were thinking.

Tuesday:  Soma's leading a primer on perhaps the most underloved spirit, gin. Here's a primer to get you ready, or at least to explain what oude jenever is. There are even a few spots left in class!

And though the hurricane did a number on local tomato harvests, we're going to be tasting and discussing the history and botany of tomatoes in all...

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