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We're hiring for the Summer!

*We've filled the position, thanks! 

Okay, so we're looking for someone to help out around the Brainery for the summer (mid-May, ideally, through August or September). It's part-time (15+ hours a week), partly at the Brainery and partly at home, and involves all kinds of super glamorous* and not-so-glamorous things. 

• Hanging out during class two or three evenings every week (generally 5-10pm) & the occasional weekend

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Let's Make: Ketchup

In reality, all of the hot sauces we made a few weeks back were just a diversion from our main work of the day: to make awesome homemade ketchup. What we learned and what we did all follows below: 

RULES ABOUT KETCHUP (also, ketchup rules.)

1) You're not making Heinz 57. I'm one of those people who doesn't like organic ketchup because it tastes too healthy and not like ketchup at all. And really, you have to think of this as an entirely...

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