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Cook your onions BETTER STRONGER FASTER: Speeding up the Maillard reaction

The Maillard reaction is the secret king of cookery, the little bit of magic that turns a slab of meat into a nicely browned steak or a raw onion into a caramelized delight. We call it "browning," and it's a reaction between proteins and sugars in the presence of heat that creates the tasty flavor compounds.

I'm equal parts lazy and impatient, and always give up before my onions are nice and browned. There are a few things you can do...

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The Great DIY Imitation Maple Syrup Experiment, Part I

If you're just a sucker for pictures you can roll right into the slideshow.

Remember that time Michael Ruhlman did the BLT From Scratch Challenge? While the winners ran off with limitless internet foodie fame, the rest of us made off with tips and tricks for making bacon in our own kitchen with some combination of pork belly, sodium nitrite and ingenuity.

Bacon recipes and breakfasts in general are always asking you for maple syrup this,...

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Awesome Post July 4 Classes

Take a class with us next week, because you can't stay at the beach forever. 

Filmmaking 101 - Just because you're shooting video it on an iPhone doesn't mean your video has to suck. We'll cover interview techniques, lighting, and more to help you get the most out of that tiny movie making machine. 

Knish History! - USA and International, featuring tastings and general awesomeness.

Making Sense of Your Senses - ...

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