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Let's Make: Coriander-Mint Chutney

I was popping a link to our tamarind chutney how-to into our course release email when I realized we're still missing out on the other 50% of my favorite Indian condiments. That being, of course, coriander-mint chutney.

It's the green one. Tamarind chutney? That's brown one.

The most important part of coriander-mint chutney is that it's actually cilantro-mint chutney, because outside of the U.S. the herb we call cilantro is called coriander...

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Let's Make: Hot Sauce

Making hot sauce is pretty much a Choose Your Own Adventure, but specifically one written for third graders because it's so easy. It's so easy. It's so damn easy why are you not doing it right now? I don't even think "making hot sauce" should even be a thing, it's about as simple as breathing or incorrectly cracking an egg. 

In keeping with my cooking nihilism, recipes are the devil's work, so we're going to talk you through a general...

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