Free Event! The Rise of Chocolate on March 25

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This month our Masters of Social Gastronomy lectures tackles the world's most popular candy: chocolate!

We'll track the history of chocolate from its roots as an ancient Mesoamerican beverage to its current world-championship status. You'll learn how a yellow, football-shaped tropical fruit transforms into something Whole Foods can charge you $10 for, and what "Mexican Hot Chocolate" actually has in common with what Montezuma drank.

Peek at Europe's decades-long war about British chocolate and uncover why the whole continent seems to have it out for its American counterpart. Burning questions of modern confectionery will be answered: What's better, milk or dark? Why does Hershey's have its own theme park? Do M&M's actually melt in your hand?

And of course, it wouldn't be spring without a discussion of Easter candy, including everyone's favorite, the Cadbury Mini Egg. 

Very Important Details
When: Tuesday, March 25, doors at 7:30 sharp
Where: Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
Free, 21+
Totally optional RSVP

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