Coaster + Cyanotype Supply List

Posted by A69143a5 tiny Jen Messier on may 8, 2023 under Blog Post

Here's the supply list for our cyanotype coaster class. 

To make cyanotypes, you'll need a set of cyanotype chemicals. I like Jacquard brand, but there are many out there. 

You'll also need watercolor paper (or other art paper that can handle water). I like Canson, and 140lb paper will be thicker, while 90lb paper will be a little on the thin side. 

You can also buy pre-sensitized paper, but I find the quality of these to generally be poor and not great for a project like this. 

Then, to transform them into coasters, you'll need:

4" acrylic rounds, with no hole: I specifically like this brand, as they're the right thickness for the project. 
and the copper tape, plus some binder clips, scissors, and a pencil. 
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