Open House New York: October 17 + 18

This weekend is the 13th annual Open House New York, a wonderful event where some of New York City's best-known (or, sometimes secretive!) architectural spaces open their doors for exploration. Some locations require visitors to RSVP in advance for tours, and while those spots go quickly, there are lots of wonderful places to visit throughout the weekend with open access. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite spots that we've been able...

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Open House New York at Green-Wood Cemetery

One of NYC's best events, Open House NY, is this weekend, and if you're like me, you get shut out of all the ticketed events because your fingers aren't quite fast enough to snag them. Luckily though, Green-Wood Cemetery is open, and you can check out some rarely opened mausoleums. Admission's $20, but it's definitely worth it to see these awesome things.  

Among the tombs open for viewing on Saturday is that of theater...

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