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Open House New York at Green-Wood Cemetery

One of NYC's best events, Open House NY, is this weekend, and if you're like me, you get shut out of all the ticketed events because your fingers aren't quite fast enough to snag them. Luckily though, Green-Wood Cemetery is open, and you can check out some rarely opened mausoleums. Admission's $20, but it's definitely worth it to see these awesome things.  

Among the tombs open for viewing on Saturday is that of theater...

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Event Heads Up: Uncovering Long Lost Stories at Green-Wood Cemetery

This isn't a Brainery event, but I know you guys are super interested in NYC history, so it must be brought to your attention!

Ben Feldman, one of our favorite people around here, is giving a free talk at Green-Wood Cemetery on Saturday, January 14th. He'll cover the process of digging up interesting history--what tools and resources are out there--and how to go about doing it yourself. After the talk, there's a trolley tour to the graves of...

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Class Recap

A Brief History of New York City's Early Cemeteries

Allison taught a wonderful class on the history of New York City cemeteries this fall, and on top of it all, she wrote an excellent summary for us to post here. You can find part one, on forgotten cemeteries like potters' fields, right here, and keep an eye out for part three very soon. 

Okay, onto the knowledge: 

New York City’s cemeteries are more than burial grounds for its citizens; they are a reflection of the city’s...

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