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Navigating the Diamond District like a Pro: Tips from Gray & Davis

A guest post from Ali and Anna from Gray & Davis.

We had a great time talking about antique jewels at the Brainery last week, thanks for having us!

Since our shop is located in the Diamond District, we found that a lot of people in the class were curious about navigating that notorious stretch of 47th between 5th and 6thAvenues. With that in mind, we put together a couple of tips to help pavé  your way and avoid any...

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Caffeine, Cocaine, and the Soda of a Nation on August 26

Each month, our Masters of Social Gastronomy lectures bring you the history and science behind your favorite foods. Up this month: soda

Caffeine, cocaine, and a little bit of fizz were all it took to hook America on a brand-new beverage. We'll dissect Coca-Cola's namesakes, exploring the now-illicit 'Coca' and the Africa-sourced 'Cola'. What joined these two bitter, unappealing flavors into the most iconic of soda flavorings?

But don't forget...

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