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Good Eggs Pick-up at the Brainery

Great news: Brooklyn Brainery is now a pick-up spot for Good Eggs! Pick-ups will take place on Tuesdays from 3 to 6:30pm.

Check out their marketplace to see all the local, sustainable goodness available. Good Eggs is awesome (and, well, good!) and we think this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

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Nov 19: MSG Presents All-American Pies

Each month, Sarah and Soma take on a curious food topic and break down the history, science, and stories behind it. On November 19, Masters of Social Gastronomy tackles the twin pillars of the American pie kingdom: the gentle apple pie and its heavily-spiced cousin, pumpkin pie. (RSVP on Eventbrite)

Think making an apple pie is simple? Not so fast! A trip to the grocery store yields a thousand and one varieties of apples, all bearing...

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Where on Earth was Northern Liberties?

In 1790, the very first United States Census found that Northern Liberties was the sixth most populous city in all of the United States, weighing in with around 9,900 residents. Granted, the country was pretty small back then, but it made me wonder what caused this Northern Liberties to completely fall off the map. 

As it turns out, Northern Liberties was located in present-day Philadelphia, just north of what is now Center City. It...

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Meet the Mumbles Train

I was inspired to research railway history after checking out this very cool map of railroad growth in America the other day. One of the neatest stories I uncovered was that of the Mumbles Train, the very first fare-based passenger train in the whole wide world, which began running in 1807 in Wales.

It carried passengers from Swansea to Oystermouth, two towns only about five miles apart, but without a road between them. Originally built...

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