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Free Event! The Rise of Chocolate on March 25

This month our Masters of Social Gastronomy lectures tackles the world's most popular candy: chocolate!

We'll track the history of chocolate from its roots as an ancient Mesoamerican beverage to its current world-championship status. You'll learn how a yellow, football-shaped tropical fruit transforms into something Whole Foods can charge you $10 for, and what "Mexican Hot Chocolate" actually has in common with what Montezuma drank.

Peek at ...

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Special Event: Starting a Food Business on March 16

Join us for a sneak peek inside the process of launching a food business, with Stef Ferrari of Hay Rosie Ice Cream. From distribution to branding, and from navigating state regulations to finding capital, we’ll get a glimpse at what it takes to bring your product to the public.

The event takes place on Sunday, March 16 at 6:30pm and is a fundraiser for Hay Rosie's Indiegogo campaign, which is raising funds to build a tasting room(!) at...

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Know Your Street Trees: London Plane

Inspired by our upcoming Tree Identification walks, along with my overwhelming desire for winter to be over, I wanted to write a quick post on our most plentiful New York City street tree, and a personal favorite, the London Plane. 

The London Plane is a hybrid tree, closely related to the American Sycamore. They're mostly planted in urban locations because they're super pollution resistant and able to withstand heat, cold, and root...

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