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Introducing: Vintage Visualizations

Did you want awesome prints of age-old maps and data viz? No sweat, we've got you covered with a brand-new project: Vintage Visualizations.

Once upon a time, long long ago, the United States had just fought the Civil War and was terribly embarrassed about it. "Oh goodness gracious," the government thought. "What did Europe think?"

We needed to do something that made us seem awesome, and so the Census Bureau released a series of gorgeous...

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The Masters of Social Gastronomy Present: The World's Weirdest Foods on March 25

Each month, the Masters of Social Gastronomy (Sarah of Four Pounds Flour and the Brainery's Soma) take on the history and science behind some of your favorite edibles. Up this month: the world’s strangest (and most expensive) edibles.

Join MSG on Wednesday, March 25 to uncover the oddball background of the world’s priciest coffee, what a jungle cat has to do with your mild roast, and the Chinese delicacy that is...

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Because Valentine's Day Needs More Maps

With Valentine's Day approaching, maybe you're thinking about the fish in the sea, of which we're told there are plenty. How many fish really are in your local sea? Well, we'll get back to you in a minute. For now, imagine your predecessors wondering the same thing circa 1880.

Let's have a look at the gender breakdown in the United States at that time, courtesy of this super neat map, which is for sale through our Vintage Visualizations...

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