“They pour, you drink”: A Survey of Slavic Vodkas

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Taught by Kate McLean and Emily Channell

A professional PhD student, Kate McLean studies drugs, but is too afraid to take most of the fun ones. She developed a bad case of Slavophilia at a young age, and enjoys travelling to cold, semi-desolate and vodka-laden nations. 

Emily Channell is an aspiring Ukraine-ologist, but enjoys the occasional dalliance with Finland. Hailing from West Virginia, she is, perhaps unsurprisingly, an enthusiast of vodka and other forms of moonshine.

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This class will dispel two major misconceptions surrounding vodka: namely, that it all tastes the same, and that the best stuff comes from France.

Focusing on the “vodka belt” countries of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland, we’ll review the historical origins and cultural significance of vodka in Eastern Europe as a whole, while tasting unique varieties and flavors of vodka from each country. We’ll also explore traditional serving techniques, toasts, and superstitions, and enjoy some typical culinary accompaniments. (Feel free to bring your own smoked sausage!)

At the end, you’ll be ready to make some popular Slavic infusions at home, and impress your friends with the tasty fire hazard that is Podpaloni Krupnik. Ну, будем!

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