The Eleusinian Mysteries: Occult Secrets of the Ancient Greeks

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Taught by Andrew Coletti

Andrew Coletti is an educator and lifelong history/mythology/fantasy nerd who has been known to throw ancient dinner parties just for fun. Besides cooking and teaching he loves traveling, writing, and keeping a variety of pets. Follow his recreations of ancient recipes on, or @passtheflamingo on Instagram and Twitter.

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Every year in the Ancient Greek city of Eleusis, people gathered from far and wide to worship the power of nature with a series of religious rituals called the Eleusinian Mysteries. Although it was kept secret from all but the initiated, the cult of the Mysteries survived for centuries, with a tremendous impact that can still be felt today. More than a celebration of the power of nature, the Mysteries were the original “secret society”, the prototype of something that has captured human imagination ever since.

But what kind of beliefs and rituals made up these Mysteries? What was the true secret that worshippers kept from outsiders for so long: psychedelic drugs? Wild partying? Or something more sinister?

We’ll find out the answers to these questions and more in this class, which will trace the Mysteries from their primordial origins to their official shutdown in the 4th century. We’ll also learn how the Mysteries are reflected in religious practices of the past and present alike, and sample a (non-psychedelic) beverage that was part of the rites.

No prior knowledge of Ancient Greece required!

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