Microwave Candy!

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Taught by Jen Messier

Jen is the co-founder of the Brainery and lives in Flatlands with her partner and (too many) cats. She knows a little bit about a lot of things and can teach a lot of classes on the fly. Currently really into hydroponics, cyanotypes, and dyeing things poorly. 

You can ask her anything at jen@brooklynbrainery.com.

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We're pretty excited to have a microwave in the new space (given that we don't have them at home) and we're also generally pretty big fans of candy. 

So when this article appeared a couple weeks ago in the NYTimes all about making candy in the microwave, we couldn't pass up the chance to perfect all of Harold McGee's (genius) recipes for magic sugar things.

We'll take on the three recipes included in the article -- pralines, turkish delight, and brittle. And whereas McGee's recipes are definitely the high-end of the microwave candy world, we'll also make a few down-home microwaveable classics (if you can call them that) like rock candy and fudge. 

Come ready to consume massive amounts of sugar in all its forms and to banish your candy thermometer to the deep fryer.  

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