Lamp Making Workshop

image courtesy Ground Up Designers

Taught by Ground Up Designers

Ground Up Designers LLC is an interdisciplinary design firm based in Brooklyn, NY. We offer integrated design solutions incorporating architecture, interior design, web, print and multi-media graphics.

Lana Zellner [Architectural Designer]
Lana has a Bachelors of Architecture from Philadelphia University. She has maintained an interest in all scales and styles of design throughout her professional career, and initiated Ground Up Designers as an experiment in taking design outside of its prescribed boundaries. Lana is interested in the cultural significance of design, often experimenting with how a product or architectural piece will speak to the public. Texture, materiality, and ornamentation have become a large part of Lana’s interest in questioning the linguistics of design.

Kristen Svorka [Interior Designer]
Kristen has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from New York Institute of Technology and a Masters of Interiors Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. She is interested in the intersection of the physical environment and the digital world via the incorporation of technology into architecture, allowing for the deconstruction of spatial boundaries and the creation of a new type of environment affected by and responsive to the user.

Tayef Farrar [Multimedia - Graphic Designer]
Tayef has a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Digital + Media from Rhode Island School of Design. Tayef prefers to work as a multi-media designer rather than limit herself to one medium. This allows her to indulge in her passion for print while still making advances in the developing market of digital media and interactivity.

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This workshop will focus around the design and creation of a completely custom lamp. Using a simple lamp base and a variety of found materials and objects each person will create a unique and individual lamp.

By the end of the workshop you’ll know all the basics of lamp design, and leave with a fully functioning lamp! You will learn a variety of ways to design a lamp by using light, shadow, transparencies, reflection, and ambiance. You will gain an understanding of the way lighting can affect a space, and the way a single lamp can change its surroundings.

For the first half of class, Ground Up Designers will explain some of the important things to think about when designing a custom lamp. Additionally, we’ll have a group discussion and design session during which each person will come up with a really great and unique lamp design.

For the second half of class you will build your lamp, taking it from an idea to a usable functioning piece!

By the end of the evening, everyone will have built their own lamp, which you can then take home to adorn your apartment.

What to bring: We'll provide the lamp base and a bulb for your project. Bring along any materials that would look AWESOME with light shooting through them - think, texture, transparencies, colors!

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