Kimchi-Making with Seasonal Vegetables

image courtesy Diana Kuan
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Taught by Diana Kuan

Diana Kuan is a food writer and photographer based in Brooklyn. She is the author of Red Hot Kitchen, on cooking with Asian hot sauces, and The Chinese Takeout Cookbook, on Chinese food and culture in America. Her work has also appeared in Food & Wine, Time Out New York, and The Boston Globe, among other publications. In addition to writing and photography, Diana has taught cooking classes for the past 10 years in both Beijing and New York. Her favorite foods are dumplings, ramen, and tacos, usually with hot sauce on the side.

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There are many varieties of kimchi using everything from traditional Napa cabbage to radishes to chili peppers. In this fully hands-on class, you'll learn how to make two types of kimchi using fresh seasonal produce. This could mean rhubarb in the spring, cucumbers in the summer, or bok choy in the fall and winter. We'll get creative with fermentation so you'll leave inspired to try out your new skills with farmer's market produce!

We will cover the basic tools and ingredients you'll need for making any type of kimchi, then dive in to the specifics using our seasonal veggies. We will also touch on how the traditional art of fermentation is great for gut health. You'll leave with instructions for home fermentation and two jars of small-batch kimchi that you created yourself.

This class uses all vegan-friendly ingredients. Please let us know upon signing up if you have any food allergies. 

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