In Person: Soap Making Basics

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Taught by Nikki Romanello

Nikki Romanello was born and raised in Texas. As a kid she spent free time observing and collecting natural artifacts. In high school she was accepted into a four year AP art program. During her first year of college, she worked in a natural science lab where she gained experience with several scientific processes including; lab prep, dissection, and plant cultivation. She received her BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture and a Concentration in Photography at Maryland Institute of College of Art in Baltimore. During her last two years of undergrad she devoted herself to metal sculpture. After graduating, she experienced several job opportunities and built a sculpture studio. Her work experience includes the Baltimore Museum of Art, Harris Rubin, New Arts Foundry, and volunteering at the University of Maryland Iron Pour. She graduated with an MFA in Studio Art, majoring in Sculpture from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She worked as a metal department teaching assistant and metal shop technician during her MFA. After graduating she worked for Will Ryman, Robert Lazzarini, and 3rd Ward. She also participated in a one year artist residency at Hot Wood Art Center and had a solo Bio Art show at the University Science Center in Philadelphia. Currently, she is continuing her science research, building a metal shop, and teaching art and bioart classes at Brooklyn Brainery and Genspace. 

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In this workshop, we'll learn how to make soap at home using a simple cold-process method and materials from your pantry. 

We'll walk through the process of making cold-processed bar soap from lye and vegetable oils, along with information on how to scent, color, customize and cure your soap to lathery perfection. We'll cover safety information, the science behind soap, and ingredient sourcing information as well. You'll leave feeling confident in making soap on your own, and bring all your soap-related questions! 

Everyone will make approximately four sample-sized soap bars to take home and cure. 


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