In Person - Cyanotype 2: Working with Digital Negatives

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Taught by Jen Messier

Jen is the co-founder of the Brainery and lives in Flatlands with her partner and (too many) cats. She knows a little bit about a lot of things and can teach a lot of classes on the fly. Currently really into hydroponics, cyanotypes, and dyeing things poorly. 

You can ask her anything at

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In this slightly advanced cyanotype session, we'll create beautiful blue-hued photos with pictures you've taken. Using digital negatives printed on transparency film, you can easily create multiples of your favorite photos quickly and without specialized equipment. 

We'll also explore using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to change the final tones of our prints. 

After registration, email with two of your favorite photos and I'll print these on transparency paper ahead of class. I recommend using photos that have high contrast between different areas (like black and white cats). We'll focus class time on making prints using different papers, exposure times, and development methods. 

This is an outdoor class that will be postponed if it's cloudy or rainy. 

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