Home-Buying in Brooklyn

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Taught by Stef Ferrari

Stef Ferrari is an Emmy-winning, James Beard Award-nominated documentary producer, food researcher, and author/writer. She is Senior Editor at Life & Thyme––a publication focused on cultural side of the culinary world––as well as a Certified Cicerone. Stef founded Hay Rosie Craft Ice Cream Company in Brooklyn in 2014, has worked in and around professional kitchens and breweries for nearly two decades, and has been studying Italian cuisine since she was old enough to roll gnocchi. Stef loves raisins and roasted carrots (not necessarily together, although, sometimes), Sour Patch Kids, strong macchiatos, stiff whiskeys and all manner of sparkling wine.

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Co-ops and closings and mortgage commitments, oh no!  Buying a home can be a daunting process that practically requires its own handbook - and in one of the nation’s most sought after real estate markets, it comes with an added set of idiosyncrasies specific to the city. 

This class will address everything from beginning your search, making an offer, choosing and working with a lender, for sale by owner vs. brokered deals, what to expect in a co-op board interview, how to prepare financially, and so much more. We’ll walk through each step together all the way to closing day – the blissful moment when you finally get those precious keys. We’ll have discussions based on personal experience too, so feel free to bring your own for discussion! In a hotly competitive market, savvy buyers have a much-needed edge.

Let’s get you home.




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