Downtown and Brooklyn

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Taught by Jen

Jen founded the Brainery with Soma a million years ago and lives in Fort Greene. 

You can ask her anything at

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Let's study up on what happened in New York before any of us lived here - specifically the history and architecture of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a little geography thrown in for good measure.  

Want to spend three weeks talking about Manhattan schist?  Or figure out why Dead Horse Bay is called that in the first place? Do you love skyscrapers and set back zoning laws or just want to talk about bus bumps and bike lanes and all the stuff the DOT is up to? Let's do it. 

And though the exact path we'll take to get there is pretty open, everything will wrap up with a field trip to the the waterfront to identify some of the buildings you can see on the skyline. We'll try and make sure there's at least one walking tour thrown in as well.

If you want to read up ahead of time, check out Streets Blog for all the latest bike lane controversy, the Bowery Boys podcasts and blog for really interesting takes on NYC's past, and Lost City for all the quirky stuff, some long gone, that made the city interesting. 

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