Cryptography: The Private Life of Secret Codes

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Taught by Jonathan Soma

Soma was born in the South, is what someone from the North would say. He co-founded the Brainery, is the sciencey half of Masters of Social Gastronomy, and plans on getting married to Waffle House. In his more droll moments he is a tragic sellout to higher ed as a professor of data journalism at Columbia University's journalism school.

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Secrets have always been kept, but they're most fun down on paper. We'll work our way up from the Caesar's own cipher to our modern day of hacked databases.

Learn how cryptographic techniques helped rediscover hieroglyphics, and how Nazi Germany was brought to its knees. Tales of daring and intrigue abound! Exactly one dinosaur, too.

By the end you'll be to passing covert communications to your neighbors, and giddy with the power of using tools like frequency analysis to sneak a peek at any encoded messages you happen to intercept.

Each ticket includes one 10.8 ounce glass of any of the beers on tap made by Threes Brewing, gratuity included.

Doors will open at 6pm, with the talk beginning around 6:20pm. Be sure to grab your drink before then! 21+

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