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Taught by Roy

Roy baked his first loaves of bread in his Mum's kitchen after college, just before he moved to the US. When he arrived, he felt compelled to continue baking loaves on a weekly basis in an effort to prove his mastery over yeast. The yeast had other ideas and tormented him for seven years of graduate school, eventually spurring Roy out of academic science and into the real world, and ultimately to the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn about 6 months ago.

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They say the best things in life are free, but they also say nothing is better than sliced bread. What if you could make your own sliced bread for free in the comfort of your own home? Sounds pretty good, right? Swirl in some fresh, tart raspberries and some dark chocolate chips and you've got an impressive centerpiece for brunch...

It sounds hard, but this class aims to break bread baking down into easily digestible steps. We'll start by mixing the basic ingredients, including the all important yeast. Then we'll go through how to knead, how long you really need to spend doing it, and how it should feel at the end of the process. While the yeast work their magic, we'll have plenty of time to sample some previously baked examples and mingle over some wine, another amazing yeasty culinary contribution. Next we'll roll and shape the bread with the all-important fillings, pack them up and take them home to bake.

So, feel what it's like to be kneaded, adopt a new roll in life, and see if anything can beat sliced bread in this two hour class at the Brainery! 

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