A Crash Course in JavaScript & jQuery

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Taught by Jonathan Soma

Soma was born in the South, is what someone from the North would say. He co-founded the Brainery, is the sciencey half of Masters of Social Gastronomy, has more hobbies than can dance on the head of a pin, and loves Waffle House about eighteen times more than you.

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Do you have a foundation in the web, but need to kick it up a big ol' interactive notch?

This 6-person seminar is meant for JavaScript novices who have little or no experience with the language. We'll be aiming to pull you up to a level where you'll feel comfortable exploring on your own, focusing on:

Basic understanding JavaScript, and how it interacts with a web page. Unleash the DOM, and become friendly with variables, functions, and curly brackets. We will use far more semicolons than is standard in polite company.

What the hell jQuery is. JavaScript was designed a long long time ago, before we really knew what we'd like to do with the Web. jQuery brings it into the modern world of lolcats and shiny buttons. If you're working with JS, chances are you're working with jQuery.

How to find answers to your problems. 60% of programming is being able to google, and the other 40% is being able to use what you find. We'll take problems you develop and find the answers, laying the groundwork for you to learn in the future.

You will have homework - in theory it's optional, but I promise you'll love it.

You will need to bring in your laptop for this class. You should also know the basics of HTML and CSS to take this course! Otherwise it really might not make as much sense.


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