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Build Your Own Telescope

We unfortunately did not build out own telescope. If you have 40 hours to walk in a circle grinding down glass, give us a call.

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Contemporary Tatting: New Designs from an Old Art

Do not get tatting confused with tattooing. It is much cooler, and generally involves more lace.

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Naughty Needles: Sexy, Naughty Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond

The best book about sexy knitting I've ever owned.

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Good Tasting of Tofu

Half-english books about the medicinal value of tofu with shrimp stuffed inside = awesome.

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Herodotus: The Histories

Once upon a time there was a bird that made its nests out of cinnamon. It was called Cynnamolgus. You collected cinnamon by tricking it with dead oxen.

This is the history of the world along those lines.

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You should know more about historic cocktails! Wondrich breaks down the original recipes and ingredients in detail, giving you way more than "here is a bushel of recipes."

Get this book.

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Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide

No, they aren't lying, it is the definitive world guide. And don't look so confused - it's a different Michael Jackson.

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Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol

The best, number one, and most perfect history of alcohol I've ever read. I'm come across plenty, and nothing approaches the subject with as much breadth or depth as Drink.

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A Splintered History of Wood: Belt-Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats

You will ruin cocktail parties with your knowledge of wood.

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A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes

Chang Sun-Young will make you a Korean grandmother. This book replaced my much-cherished bulgogi recipe.

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Homemade Root Beer, Soda & Pop

The cover art is questionable but the recipes are fun and interesting. I'd love a book that's 100% root beer recipes, but that's not gonna happen.

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The Little Book of Whittling

It's the best hobby. Fallen trees become a goldmine.

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