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Forever Bread: Calcium Propanoate

At last month's Masters of Social Gastronomy, we reached down deep into the world of preservatives, figuring out what all of those unpronounceables are on everyday packaged foods.

Today's recap: Calcium Propanoate

If you eat store-bought bread, you're probably chowing down on some calcium propanoate. It's a mold and bacteria inhibitor that keeps your bread from being conquered by legions of decided untasty microorganisms.

The bread industry's...

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The Masters of Social Gastronomy Get Shelved: Preservatives and Convenience Foods

Masters of Social Gastronomy (MSG) is a free monthly lecture series all about the history and science behind some of your favorite, or not so favorite, foods. This month: preservatives & convenience food!

Why does your bacon clamor about its lack of nitrites, but your soda keeps quiet about sodium benzoate? Soma will unwrap our love/hate relationship with modern preservatives, and why we like to think keeping our food safe might kill...

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