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We're hiring for the Summer!

*We've filled the position, thanks! 

Okay, so we're looking for someone to help out around the Brainery for the summer (mid-May, ideally, through August or September). It's part-time (15+ hours a week), partly at the Brainery and partly at home, and involves all kinds of super glamorous* and not-so-glamorous things. 

• Hanging out during class two or three evenings every week (generally 5-10pm) & the occasional weekend

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Work with us!

Update!: Hey, so we filled the spot, that's pretty awesome, right? If you haven't heard back from us yet I promise it's not because we're a terrible evil faceless corporation, it's just that we received a ton of applications and haven't had a chance to respond to all of you yet! Thanks to everyone who applied, we really appreciate it!


It's finally happened: we're hiring! We're looking for an awesome person to help out with all sorts...

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