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Danielle Gasparro

Danielle Gasparro is a New York City- and Hudson River Valley-based wordsmith, songsmith, and teaching artist. She holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College and a BA in Creative Writing with honors from Florida State University. Having dedicated nearly two decades to performing, recording, touring, and developing an avid national and UK audience as a singer-songwriter, in 2018, Gasparro shifted her creative life and lens to her work as a literary artist. A published poet and passionate educator, Gasparro regularly presents a wide variety of writing and reading workshops, courses, and talks in partnership with public libraries, arts organizations, and continuing education programs. Her love of teaching extends to her work as a private writing mentor and a substitute English teacher within public and private high schools throughout NYC and the Hudson Valley. Gasparro is currently developing a hybrid memoir that fuses poetry, nonfiction, and photography. Learn more and sample her artistic voice & visions at: daniellegasparro.com

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