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Ami Watkin

Ami is a lawyer, entrepreneur and side hustle coach who has started two businesses in the last nine months: her legal practice, Watkin Legal and CUBAFRIDA, a Mexican art and design company

She’s a committed dreamer, who has taken a deep dive on the good, bad and the ugly of how we define ourselves and self-worth. Ami excels at taking complicated ideas and tasks and breaking them up into bite-size pieces. She’s the one who fearlessly raises her hand with pride to ask the “dumb” or “obvious” question, because let's be honest - you wanted to know too.

Prior to attending law school, Ami worked in nonprofit communications, helping NGOs and progressive companies tell their stories in a way that was engaging, honest and true. Ami leverages her communications skills on a daily basis to make everything from contracts to the history of certain textiles more accessible. Ami has spent time living in London, different parts of Mexico and in Buenos Aires (and yes, she speaks Spanish).  

Ami graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Hispanic Studies, and earned her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School. When she's not geeking out how to live an authentic life, entrepreneurial hustles or Mexican textiles, you can find her plotting her next international adventure, on the nearest beach or salsa dancing in her living room, attempting to nail those elusive double and triple spins.