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Cara Power

Possessing 17+ years of senior experience in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Legal, Media, and Non-Profit industries, Cara offers aspiring, newly transitioned and existing leaders a broad and informed perspective on leadership styles and techniques, and the changes they can affect for their companies, employees and most importantly…themselves. Specifically, Cara empowers individuals to:

- make decisions from a place of integrity and consciousness rather than fear.
- consider that challenges can be gifts waiting to be unwrapped and explored.
- lead rather than control… their company, their employees and their lives.
- create an authentic leadership style that reflects their true essence.
- Turn Their Potential Into Power!

Her areas of specialty include Painless Networking, Personal Brand Development, Relationship Building, Business Development, Client/Partner/Project Management, Marketing Strategy and Execution, Professional Development, and Group/Panel Facilitation.

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