Zombie Makeup 101

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Taught by Jane Rose

Jane Rose is a special fx makeup artist, horror filmmaker and writer living in Brooklyn. Her makeup work has been seen on The History Channel, The Today Show and Conan O’Brien. Her films have been screened at the Pretty-scary Film Festival for women in horror, The Coney Island Film Festival and the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. If left alone in a remote location or an older building, she has been known to sleep with all the lights, the tv and the radio on. It keeps the ghosts away.

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Zombies. To some, they are the least classy of all the monsters, shambling, brainless corpses. To others, they are a useful way of expressing society’s fears and ills through cinema. To others, they are just a disgusting, gory, bloody good time and to YOU they can be a cheap and easy Halloween costume.

In this class, we’ll gather a little inspiration from looking at some famous zombies throughout film history, and then we’ll jump right in to making our own. Class will begin with a demonstration on a willing victim and will end with hands-on practice on a partner.

Areas covered will include:

-shading, veining, and coloring

-zombie skin textures

-zombie wounds

-and maybe a couple of extra fun things thrown in

Cleanup supplies will be provided in case you don’t want to go home looking like a weirdo. Come on out to the Braaaaiiiinnnneryyyy!!!

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