You Will Yo-Yo

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Taught by Jeff Gray

Jeff Gray is an interaction designer, musician, tinkerer and curiosity monkey, living and working in Brooklyn. He splits his time between programming interactive museum/art installations, developing mobile technology, and creating weird interfaces for musical and artistic expression. When he's not being nerdy professionally, he's probably doing something nerd-like by accident.

You can find him on Twitter at @grayfuse.

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Need to impress your friends? Perhaps you need an excuse for a ten minute break to stretch your legs or flex those metacarpals. A yo-yo has and will continue to be a great way to show off while giving your brain and body a little workout.

This class aims to get you up and running with a handful of styles of yo-yo play. Yo-yos have continued to reinvent themselves, first in the 60s, later in the 80s, and again recently with various modern yo-yo redesigns, and we'll explore how those changes have lead to the tricks and styles of play that exist today.

We'll be hands-on from the start, getting you comfortable with the basics of a yo-yo and working our way into string-mounted and looping tricks. There will even be a little history and physics thrown in, just for good measure!

You'll get to borrow a pair of yo-yos to practice between classes (and a simple one to keep!), and there will be a somewhat extensive library of yo-yos on hand to show you the various styles, shapes, bells and whistles yo-yos have gained over the years.

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