WTF is Agile and Scrum? (Online)

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Taught by Eve MacKnight

Eve MacKnight served as Director of Project Management at ScrollMotion, a tech start-up that has published thousands of apps to iTunes since 2008.  Prior to ScrollMotion, Eve was a producer for feature films and music.  She has worked with Sesame Street, National Geographic, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, and the NFL.

Eve is the founder of, a training company that advises on how to effectively manage digital projects. Eve is a certified ScrumMaster and a total media geek. For more info check out on Facebook littleow1 and follow Eve on Twitter @EveMacKnight.


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Perhaps your boss or co-worker has strolled into the office and mysteriously said, “we should be more Agile!”  What is this thing, Agile? Agile is (sadly) not a set of dance moves from Australia; it is a new way to think about managing projects and whole businesses. 

In this class, we will trace Agile’s origins in software development and its growing influence in other fields, such as marketing and advertising.  We will then review the basics of one of the most popular Agile methods today, Scrum.  You’ll leave class able to converse like a champ about Agile, lean, standups, MVP, ScrumMaster and more. 

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