Writing Poetry

image courtesy angel_malachite

Taught by Vinny Senguttuvan

Vinny enjoys writing and photography. He taught creative writing at the University of Miami, which was awesome.

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Maybe you wrote poetry in high school and want to revisit. Maybe you write stories, articles or scholarly stuff and were always curious about this "poetry" thing. Or maybe you are a poet who likes to talk about craft and inspiration.


This class will explore the beautiful, frustrating, sublime and elusive art of poetry and its creation. Where does one start? How to go about writing? And what is a good poem anyway? We will look at inspiration and expression, address the idea of "unlearning" certain ways of thinking and also get into the nuts-and-bolts of language, sound and image.


In the first session, we will discuss the idea of poetry, read some poems, do a quick free-write and focus on elements of craft.


For the second session, students will bring in their work, which we will read and discuss in the context of the prior session, focusing on the positives.


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