What We Wore: 20th Century Fashion in America


Taught by Katie

Katie loves clothes and is fascinated by the reasons we wear what we wear.

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We'll study 20th-century American fashion, from the S-corset to the pant suit, by looking at the lives of the women who actually wore the clothes. There is so much to talk about! What were the social, economic and cultural reasons for sportswear? When did anti-fashion become the fashion? Why did young women stop dressing like their mothers, and what clothes did they chose to wear for the rebellion?

Of course there will be lots of pictures of fashion brilliance, and we'll talk about key designers and trend-setting moments as we consider fashion's place as a reflection of our collective history. Boys are allowed too.

Session 1: ANKLES!!!! 1900 - 1940
Session 2: Padding In All the Right Places 1940 - 1970
Session 3: You've Come a Long Way, Baby 1970 - 2000

This class, like all the rest, meets at 515 Court Street, in Carroll Gardens BK. 

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