Wedding Invitations 101

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Taught by Renata

Renata Breytman is a grad student and graphic designer whose friends all decided to get married this year. Since helping them with various wedding things was fun, she decided to share the knowledge (and joy) with others. Other than her thesis, she really likes learning to knit, Katz's Deli pickles, and clever characters like Neal Caffrey. 

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This class will help you navigate the vagaries of wedding invitations from start to finish.

In Part 1, you will learn about different printing options from letterpress to digital to thermography, color printing (CMYK FTW!), postage details and how to save on stamps, and a bit on vendor management.

In Part 2, we will cover the trickier subject of invitation etiquette, and the reasons you might decide that you really do need an outer envelope AND an inner envelope. You will learn how to properly address an invitation to Cousin Fred (who is a retired Army colonel) and his wife (who has a different last name), the appropriate language for the invite itself, and any other thorny questions you might have.

Bonus: At the end, you'll handle it all with style, grace, and a budget.

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