Ukrainian Cooking: Food from the Old Country

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Taught by Marianna Breytman

Marianna Breytman is a Brooklynite from Ukraine who loves everything Spanish. (Process that for a second.) Her favorite things are food, language, travel, puppies, and international education. These days, she can be found obsessively listening to NPR, learning krav maga and doing Spanish into English translations. Check out her work here! --

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Ever wonder what exactly went into borscht, but were too perplexed to ask about a soup that pink? And why is salad olivier considered Ukrainian when the name is actually French? 

Well, worries be gone because we'll answer all these questions and more in this Ukrainian cooking class. Oh, and we'll also prepare a Ukrainian meal including borscht and aladii (pancakes)!

What better way to unwind your Monday than with some traditional dishes that'll make you go, "yesho!" ("more!") 


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