image courtesy Arnaud Crucifix

Taught by rachel

Rachel is a bureaucrat and a scholar. A scholar that had to look up how to spell bureaucrat. She lives in Brooklyn but has her eye on queens. To win your place as teacher's pet bring her baked goods or socks. She has too few socks. Let's learn together!

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An introduction to typography, the art of type design and arrangement. This class is for those of you who read design blogs or have strong opinions about the use of type in subway ads but don't have a design degree or any idea of what you're talking about. Hey, I don't either!

But by the end of the four sessions you’ll know the basic anatomy of a font, major typeface classifications, the difference between a well-kerned font and poorly kerned one, and the four types of serifs.

For the first half of the "semester" we'll learn about typography in a visual and historical context. Then, with our newly informed critical eye, we'll look at examples of good type combinations and bad ones. Here in New York, signage is a part of our everyday life. Which ones work, which don't, and why? What are current and past font trends? What associations do you have with certain fonts? We'll even take a font personality test.

In our final class, using the principles we have learned, everyone will create their own font which you can then use to write your memoir or your resume or maybe just a letter to your mom.

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