Travelers of the Silk Road

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Taught by Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner is the Founder of Edible History, a Brooklyn-based historical supper club, research lab and test kitchen. A born and raised New Yorker and Medieval History nerd, she’s engaged on a life long quest to bring the past to life through the history of food.

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The Silk Road is one of the world’s oldest highways, stretching from China to the Western Mediterranean. But who were the individuals who traveled this transcontinental highway?

Learn about the Medieval travelers of the Silk Road: who they were and why they decided to travel thousands of miles across the globe, in a time when most people had never even left their village.

We’ll dive into the diaries of Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, getting first-hand accounts of their experiences traveling along the Silk Road. We’ll explore the stories of the European travelers who took advantage of the Pax Mongolia and became the first Westerners since Antiquity to travel deep into the heart of the East. 

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