Toilets: An Environmental Hero - ONLINE CLASS

Kimberly Worsham
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Taught by Kimberly Worsham

Kimberly Worsham is a water & sanitation (WASH) specialist in the development industry and founder of FLUSH. She discovered a passion for toilets early as a child who always needed to inspect restaurant facilities, but was reminded of that love while consulting in India, and has continued her love by working on projects in NYC, Australia, Cambodia, Ghana, and Kenya. In different lives, she has worked in local government, corporate marketing, and even taught math in Rwanda. She received her MPA and B.Sc in business at NYU, and a Masters in Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland as an International WaterCentre Scholar.

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The world seems rife with environmental crises and it can often feel like it's hard to find a hero to champion nature and our ecosystems. But what if there is one hero we can point to who can contribute to cleaning up our planet in a significant way?

This class will explore how the toilet (and all of sanitation) can free the environment from major pollutants and protect places that are vulnerable to climate change. We will review what kinds of environmental problems we have in the world - from pollution to climate change - and discuss how toilets help address some of these issues. We'll learn about our hero's villain - under-managed waste - and how it can unravel much of the success of sanitation efforts, highlighting current events that impact different ecosystems. Finally, we'll discover the dark side of the toilet, which could make all of its environmental efforts come crashing down.

Don't worry - the toilet hero's journey has a happy ending and we will explore the future of how toilets can be a powerful ally in the environmental revolution.

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