Three Week Improv Intensive for Professionals: Windsor Terrace

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Taught by Molly Anne Coogan

MOLLY ANNE COOGAN is an actor, writer, producer, director and teacher having worked with companies ranging from The Civilians and The Metropolitan Museum of Art to CBS and TBS. Her teaching artist career spans working in California in high-need schools across the Bay Area to New York’s renowned 52nd Street Project, helping inner city kids create original theatre. Molly currently teaches audition workshops at liberal arts colleges across the country and believes the skills of improv and theatre – communication, teamwork, and creativity – awake us to possibility, confidence, and connection. Molly holds a BA in Theatre with honors from Bates College and trained in improv at UCB NY. She is the owner of Two Wheeler Productions and is one half of the comedy duo, Moll&Rell.

Realizing the connection between improvisation and communication, The Engaging Educator (@TheEngagingEd), specializes in customized improv-based education. We provide classes that enhance public speaking, creativity, flexibility, positive risk-taking, teamwork and more by flexing improv muscles. Beyond our classes for educators and professionals, we also specialize in improv for high school students, corporate workshops, and improv for individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as individuals with cerebral palsy.


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Improvisation is not just something for actors and comedians. MBA Students are being asked to take improv classes. Why? The answer is the same reason why professionals and educators should be trained: the root is in communication. Even the basic improv principle of “yes, and” is the essential idea behind inquiry.

Improv is a life skill that builds confidence, enhances listening and responding skills and encourages collaboration. It is all about the moment, the right now – essential to good communication.

This is a lot like training for a marathon. You do not go to the gym once and then run thirteen miles. People can’t just walk into a classroom, boardroom or a gallery and start presenting. By training your brain, you are sharpening your skills. This three-week class will enhance your skills in public speaking, focused listening, responding, flexibility and specificity – leading to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when speaking or presenting.

Photo Policy: You will notice that our instructors take a few photos during class! We use these for social media and our own records. We will never post anything unflattering or embarrassing, but if you have an issue with your photo being taken, please let the instructor know.

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