Three-Week Creative Wellness Series: Paper Marbling, Bookbinding + Journaling

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Taught by Kelly Laughlin

Kelly Laughlin is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who focuses on the playful, meditative acts of making. She believes every person is capable of living a creative life. Kelly is the founder of Odette Press, a paper marbling and bookbinding studio focused on specialty papers, books, and stationery, created with the intention to support self discovery and healing through the act of writing. 

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Join us for a three-week creative wellness exploration. All three classes explore the power and innate wisdom of creative practice, using art and mindfulness practices to help you become more focused and centered.


In this first of three classes, explore the centuries-old process of suminagashi-style paper marbling, an ancient water marbling technique derived from Japan.

Suminagashi means “floating ink” or “spilled ink” and in this 1.5 hour class, you’ll drop into the flow of this meditative experience, experimenting with colors and shapes as ink floats on the surface of the water.

This class will help you connect to your creative center; each one of us possess the unique ability to create, and the calming properties of this process will allow you to find ease in the act of making.

You’ll leave with a collection of hand marbled papers to frame, gift, or use as stationery.


In this second week, you’ll explore basic bookbinding techniques and create pamphlet stitched journals.

Uncover the history and techniques of basic, pamphlet stitch bookbinding and leave with a collection of hand bound journals along with a bookbinding kit to continue making your own journals at home.


In the third week, you’ll learn grounding, expressive journal writing and explore techniques and benefits to starting a journaling practice.

Why journal? Think of journaling as a clearing the clutter of the mind, a tilling of the soil: writing is an embodied experience that, when practiced regularly, helps us weed out and sift through all the things floating around in our squirrel-like minds in order to make space for our most radiant dreams to grow and thrive.

In this class, you’ll write, draw, breathe, reflect, and explore small, mindful movements.

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