The Twelve Days of Christmas and Other Tales (Online)

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Taught by David McNicoll

Although I now live in New York I come from the heart of the Scottish Highlands, a land steeped in
whisky in both story and song, and where I honed my knowledge and enjoyment of our national drink. Over the last decade I have taken that experience and built upon it, representing as ambassador several Scotch brands in the city. I am about to launch a new book exploring the ‘language of whisky’, and the origins of the names of those familiar bottles on the back-bar.

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From Advent Calendars, to chucking the needle-stripped tree out onto the street in January, there are so many traditions of Christmas that many of us else observe as we celebrate through the festive season. But what are the stories behind these cultural markers? Why do we think Santa rides a sleigh driven by flying reindeer; what’s the reasons behind sending cards, sticking up decorations, kissing under mistletoe and singing carols; why do we eat what we eat on Christmas Day itself, who imagined the nativity scene and what on earth is Boxing Day? I shall explore the origins and development of these and more in a jolly seasonal class, the ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas and other Tales’. So grab some eggnog, sit back and get ready to jingle those bells.

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