The Secret Art of Bike Maintenance

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Taught by Brooklyn Brainery

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It's springtime, and that means bikes! Whether you're popping out to the store, risking your life through Hasid territory or just plain looking stylish, there's a lot more to riding a bike than, well, riding it. We've got your mountains and your hybrids, your dropouts and your flip-flop hubs, not to mention amazing words like chromoly.

Don't worry. We've got you covered.

We'll cover the different types of bikes and the materials that go into them. When you're hunting on Craigslist for a new ride, there's a big difference between the 20-year-old 10-speed Huffy and a sparkly new Colnago bedecked with Campy parts. Things like weight, durability, dependability, and maintenance costs will all play a major role in your decision. 

We'll go through how to maintain and repair your bike. You can always hunt around for cheap bike repairs, but knowing how to keep your bike in good shape will go a long way in protecting you and your wallet. We'll check out brake repair, truing your wheels, perfecting your fit, general tune-up tasks, and whatever else you're looking to figure out!

How to live on a single gear. We'll take a look at the benefits of single speed/fixed gear bikes (I promise there's more to it than scene points), along with how to convert a 10-speed down to a single speed. Also, get the most out of your bike with the correct gear ratio!

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