The Perfumer's Palette

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Taught by Eliza Douglas

Eliza Douglas is fascinated by all things fragrant. She went to perfumery school in France and currently works for a niche perfumer in New York. She has a passion for the raw materials of perfumery, (the quirkier the better) and loves to share her knowledge and debunk the many myths that float around the industry. She is also the Vice Treasurer for the Academy of Perfumery and Aromatics, the American branch of the Osmotheque in Versailles. 


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Do you have a curiosity about scents and fragrances; where they come from and how they're made? Would you love to discover the origins of ambergris, smell civet or taste orange flower water? Would you like to sample naturals and synthetics and make your own blend to take home? 

In this class we'll dive right into the raw materials, starting from classification (the bedrock of perfumery), and continuing on to the structure of fragrance. Finally we'll begin the magical process of blending

Plus, we'll find out: what is it with coffee beans and does body chemistry really change a perfume? 

Come join Eliza and other perfumistos on a sensorial journey filled with curiosities and sublime scents!


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