The NYC You've Never Seen: Queens Edition

Richard Exelbert
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Taught by Richard Exelbert

Richard Exelbert has made New York City his home for 17 years and has been a licensed NYC sightseeing guide for ten. His focus is not on the typical historical and architectual information that makes up most tours, but instead full sensory immersion - the aesthetic experience of opening up to anything and everything in new environments.

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This class features ALL NEW excursions not featured in any of the other NYC YOU'VE NEVER SEEN classes.

Did you know Queens, NY is a land of discovery...? A place where you can visit: an abandoned missile base by the ocean, a walk-through replica of a mountain cave within a giant temple, a block with a thriving "Jurassic Park" of lizards, a ranch with cowboys, horses and a saddle shop, a subway that shoots you across the water to a remote island wildlife paradise, NYC's own canal-filled Venice, the oldest living thing in all the boroughs, the (possibly) oldest tavern in all 5 boroughs, and more!

This virtual tour of some of Queens' hidden spots will entice you with the adventures that await you and arm you with what you need to organize your own fantastic day trips - no passport or plane ticket needed, just your metro card, a few dollars, and maybe your cell phone in case you get lost...

(This is a classroom session, not a walking tour!)

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