The Herbal Thanksgiving

Dawn Petter
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Taught by Dawn Petter

With a passion and vast knowledge of herbs and a prolific career in design, Herbalist, Dawn Petter teaches classes about the art of plant based healing. Her classes are imaginative and accessible and are taught to encourage students to use herbal medicine in their daily lives. She incorporates her training from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism with her natural creative flare.  Dawn works as a Clinical Herbalist and Flower essence Practitioner in NYC and offers in depth consults by appointment. You can also find her, leading herb walks and teaching classes at The New York Botanic Gardens, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The Horticultural Society of New York, The 92 Y, and the New York Open Center amongst other places.

Dawn is the creator of Petalune Herbals, a resource for hand crafted herbal skincare and luxury botanical products. To learn more visit or contact,

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Whether you are choosing a traditional or vegetarian-themed Thanksgiving, bringing more plant medicine into the menu  can be a creative way to, not only entice your guests with exciting flavors, but also to support healthy digestion and balance during what can be a busy time of year, when you may be eating foods that are less compatible with your personal health needs. 

This class will be filled with delicious ways to add medicinal herbs and spices to your your menu from apetizers and aperitifs  all the way through to dessert. Recipes will be nutritive, gluten free, and vegetarian, but also delicious accompaniments for the non vegetarians at the table.  We'll explore herbs including spice bush, sassafras, sumac, nettles and turmeric to name a few.

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