The Fruits of the Soapberry Family

image courtesy D. Eickhoff

Taught by Lori Bystrom

Lori Bystrom has a research background in ethnopharmacognosy and nutrition. In ethno-what?  Basically she is experienced at identifying and isolating chemicals from natural products, especially from fruits, that are used as traditional medicines and foods or for cosmetics and textiles. Much of this research also overlaps with her artistic interests.  Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher in the medical field where she continues to assess the value of natural products for their therapeutic benefits. 

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Summer is fading fast but there still time to enjoy the last fruits of the season from the Sapindaceae family, otherwise known as the Soapberry family.

In this class, we'll talk about the different fruit chemistry and nutrition of 5-6 different species of Sapindaceae fruits from the ever-so-popular lychee to the less known pitomba fruit.

We'll also learn how you can wash your hair and clothes with one species of these fruits and preserve or freeze another.

Come join the class to get a taste, feel, and better understanding of these slippery, soapy, sapindaceae fruits. Take home a bottle of the soapy stuff and leave with a tummy filled with sweetness.

Find out all the things you can do with Sapindaceae fruits that you can enjoy now and into the winter season!

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